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Marbet Design E-16 XPS Cornice - 32 Meters

Marbet Design E-16 XPS Cornice - 32 Meters

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This decorative high-density XPS polystyrene cornice is easy to install and allows you to achieve a professional result. They are made in Europe and meet European quality standards' requirements, and are wrapped in protective plastic. 

Cornices are decorative trims placed at the meeting point between walls and ceiling. They can, however, be used to create indirect lighting, hide imperfections, stylize the frame of a door, design a mirror frame, enhance the top of a piece of furniture.

You should only paint polystyrene products with solvent-free acrylic paint (Water-based paints). Spray-paint and Oil-based paints will damage cornice irreparably.

Approximately 140grm of cornice glue or acrylic silicon is required per piece for installation. For example, a box of E-16 will require approximately 3kg of cornice glue.

Using a miter box will assist in cutting the correct angles for the corners of the room. In addition, consider equipping yourself with installation accessories such as a Silicon gun for glue, pencil, and sponge to wipe glue, fingerprints, and dirt.

Review online videos for tips on installing to avoid mistakes and waste.

The contents of the box: 16 pieces of 2m length E-16 cornices.

Total Box Coverage: 32m

Works out to R34,37 per meter - delivered. 

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