Frequently Asked Questions:
Where are you situated?
We mainly trade through our online store – however we have two warehouses that customers are welcome to visit.
Our Gauteng branch is situated in Vanderbijlpark and our Western Cape branch is situated in Montague Gardens.
Are your products available to view in a store?
Not presently as we operate as an online service.
However, we have two warehouses that customers are welcome to visit to view and purchase the products. Our Gauteng branch is situated in Vanderbijlpark and our Western Cape branch is situated in Montague Gardens.
How do Laveo sinks compare to other available on the market.
Laveo sinks are manufactured in Poland and meet EU quality standards.
Can products be returned or exchanged for a different design or colour?
There is a 7 day return policy from receipt of the product.
Products can be returned or exchanged, provided that products are not damaged and that they are still in their original packaging.
Return courier costs will be at the customer’s own cost.
Refunds or exchanges will be processed upon receipt of the undamaged stock into one of the CBS Decor warehouses.
How do I request a refund of exchange of a product?
Please contact us via email to request a return/ exchange. We will be happy to assist with the processing of the return/ exchange.
Email address: info@cbsdecor.co.za

What is the composition of the Granite sinks?
The composition of the granite sinks is 80% granite and 20% resin.
Are Laveo sinks under mount sinks?
No, Laveo sink are drop-in sinks.
Certain designs have the ability to be undermounted – however this is not recommended unless a qualified installer/ plumber is able to do so without tampering with the product.
Do the granite sinks have a warranty policy?
Laveo granite sinks have a 10-year guarantee and a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects.
Claims are subject to the following conditions:

  • The product has been correctly installed and that the product has been used for the correct specification.
  • The product has not been tampered with or modified in any form.
  • Wear and tear is excluded from the warranty
  • The Sink has been damaged through negligence.
  • That installation has been done by a qualified installer/ plumber, that is experienced in the installation. The installation should also be done in accordance with the instruction manual.
  • The product has not been exposed to harsh chemicals which could affect the material. Such chemicals include (but are not limited) include household bleach, chlorine, acid containing cleaners.
Can granite sinks discolor?
Laveo sinks are discoloration resistant – however this is subject to proper use and cleaning methods of the sink.
  • Harsh chemicals should not be used to clean the sink / or left in the sink for an extended period. (Example bleach, chloric and acid cleaning substances).
  • Coloring substances and food products should not be left on the surface or within the sink for an extended period. (Examples include (but not limited to) Beetroot, wine, lemon juice and any other food colorants.
Can hot dishes be placed in the sink?
Laveo granite sinks are heat resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius – thus hot pots can be placed within the sink – however it is important to remember that the temperature of a pot that is removed directly from the oven may be higher, and thus it is not recommended to place hot pots directly from the stove or oven.

Can granite sinks scratch?
Laveo sinks are scratch resistance but not scratch proof. Therefore, it is recommended that care is taken when making use of the sink to prevent scratches.
How should Laveo granite sinks be cleaned?
Granite sinks should not be cleaned with abrasive and caustic agents!
To remove everyday dirt, traditional cleaning agents can be used, that do not contain chlorine and its derivatives.
To get rid of limescale deposits, you can use a mixture of kitchen vinegar and warm water in a 1:1 ratio, which could be left on the cleaned surface for at least 5 hours, wiped with the rough side of the sponge, and then rinsed thoroughly.
An agent for the maintenance of Laveo sinks is also available on request – for the systematic maintenance of the granite sinks.