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Laveo Komodo Granite Sink 1 Bowl - Black

Laveo Komodo Granite Sink 1 Bowl - Black

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The Komodo series of sinks is the flagship product of the Laveo brand.

This is the first model of a kitchen sink introduced to the Polish market, whose construction makes it stick out beyond the outline of a cabinet. Komodo is equivalent to ceramic sinks, and thanks to a specially designed apron, it attracts attention with its unique appearance.

The Komodo can be installed where the visible part will add variety to the interior, e.g., in a kitchen connected with the living room. The unusual look is just one of the many advantages this model has to offer. We also gain comfort during everyday use because we can get as close as possible to the edge of the sink, maintaining good body posture while dishwashing.

The outer part of the sink, otherwise known as the apron, will also protect our kitchen cabinets from getting wet, as it was designed to stick out beyond the furniture. The 48x58 cm sink has a deep (19 cm) and capacious bowl. What's more, together with the Komodo sink, you will get accessories in the form of a space-saving drain trap, which saves space in the cabinet under the sink, and a click-clack plug.

Laveo sinks are of Polish quality, which means Polish production, in which we focus on adapting the products to the needs, thanks to their durability and ease of cleaning.

Cyclical commissioning of qualitative tests in an independent laboratory guarantees:
Resistance to thermal shock
Resistance to high temperatures
Resistance to scratches
Resistance to dirt
Resistance to impacts

Laveo granite sinks are composed of 80% granite mixture that affects the durability of the product and 20% acrylic resin. The numerous resistance properties and simple rules of maintenance and cleaning make the sink look new for a long time.

What's in the box:
1 Sink
- Width: 580 mm
- Length: 490 mm
- Depth: 221 mm
Automatic plug: click-clack
Siphon in the set: space-saving

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