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Laveo Ibiza Granite Undermount Sink - Black

Laveo Ibiza Granite Undermount Sink - Black

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Ibiza kitchen sinks are undermount models installed on the underside of kitchen countertops. Such a solution helps to keep the interior minimalistic, which is emphasised by surface uniformity along the entire length of the worktop. Due to the specificity of their installation, undermount sinks are kept simple and their designers focus on making the bowl spacious, comfortable and functional. To ensure as efficient water drainage as possible, the bottom of Ibiza models has a special envelope-like shape for full ergonomics.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, undermount sinks are products that clearly make it easier to keep the kitchen clean. Thanks to the fact that the sink is invisible and there are no edges protruding above the worktop surface, all the dirt or crumbs can be wiped off directly into the bowl. Due to the specificity of their installation, granite undermount sinks eliminate any risk of dirty residue and dirt accumulating in the gaps between the worktop and the sink.

The set includes a Space Saving siphon that provides more space in the cabinet and thus enables waste separation systems to be placed under the sink as well as a click-clack plug to close and open water drainage. No supports was provided.

Ibiza sinks are 100% Polish products. Designed by Marta Kubiak from Laveo and manufactured at our own factory of granite products located near Poznań. The high quality of materials used to manufacture these sinks and detailed quality control have enabled the Ibiza series to be covered by a 10-year* warranty (* see the warranty card for details).
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