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Laveo Dafne Granite Sink 1 Bowl - Beach Sand

Laveo Dafne Granite Sink 1 Bowl - Beach Sand

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Aesthetic and round, this is what the Dafne sinks are like. So if we have a Boho-style kitchen or introduce a bit of lightness, we can put on round shapes instead of a rectangular or square sink.

Their shape and size will allow you to choose the right model when arranging the kitchen, while the deep bowl (19 cm) occurring in each mode will enable trouble-free dishwashing. In addition, round models will take up the least space without a drainer.

These are usually comfortable sinks, which look nice against the background of the kitchen countertop.

Laveo sinks are of Polish quality, which means Polish production, in which we focus on adapting the products to the needs, thanks to their durability and ease of cleaning.

Laveo granite sinks are a Polish production that takes place from top to bottom in our factory in Pozna with an advanced production line, strict quality control, and attention to detail.

Cyclical commissioning of qualitative tests in an independent laboratory guarantees:
Resistance to thermal shock
Resistance to high temperatures
Resistance to scratches
Resistance to dirt
Resistance to impacts

Every sink model is equipped with a functional drain trap with a dishwasher connection, an overflow to prevent overfilling of the bowl, and a 3.5” outflow with a removable strainer to protect the installation against any food leftovers.

The sinks at the purchase price are equipped with modern fittings containing pop-up wastes, click-clacks, or minimalistic pneumatic plugs. Thanks to this, the outflow can be closed or opened without the need to put your hands into the water.

Laveo granite sinks are composed of 80% granite mixture that affects the durability of the product and 20% acrylic resin. The numerous resistance properties and simple rules of maintenance and cleaning make the sink look new for a long time.

What's in the box:
1 Sink
- Diameter: 510mm
- Depth: 205 mm
Automatic plug: click-clack
Siphon in the set: space-saving

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