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Barlinek Engineered Wooden Floor - Oak 3 strip Gold 10mm - 2.03m²

Barlinek Engineered Wooden Floor - Oak 3 strip Gold 10mm - 2.03m²

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Product Description:
Elevate your living space with our Oak & Pine Engineered Wood Flooring, meticulously crafted to combine the natural beauty of oak with the strength of pine. This exquisite flooring features three layers, each contributing to its durability, stability, and timeless appeal.


Surface Layer: Crafted from premium oak wood, our flooring boasts a warm yellow-brown hue with distinct natural features. The grain variability and varied colours add character to each plank, while its surface darkens gracefully under the influence of UV rays. Coloured product, colour: Gold

Top Layer: Three rows of strips in a standard-grade design ensure a classic and sophisticated appearance.

Finish Surface Layer: Protected by five layers of acrylic semi-matt structural lacquer UV hardened, including three layers of primer lacquer and two layers of UV-hardened surface ceramic lacquer, our flooring offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Connection System: Featuring the innovative Cross Edge-Barclick system and transverse lock insert made of HDF, our flooring ensures easy and secure installation, with assembly instructions included in each package.


Surface Appearance: The oak surface exhibits natural features characteristic of the wood type, with variations in grain and colour adding to its allure.

Hardness: Tested according to EN 13489 standards, our flooring boasts an average hardness of 37 MPa, ensuring longevity and resilience.


Individual Element Dimensions:
- Thickness: 10mm (<0,2mm)
- Length: 1092mm (+/- 0.1%)
- Width: 207mm (+/- 0.2mm)

The thickness of Layers: According to EN 13647 standards, the surface layer measures 2.5mm, while the middle and bottom layers measure 7.5mm.


- Each pack includes 9 pieces of 1092mm length, or 8 pieces of 1092mm length and 1 piece of 1064mm length, covering approximately 2.03m² per pack. A pallet contains 40 packs, totalling 81.1m².


Humidity: Boards have a humidity level of 7% (+/- 2%).
Installation:** Suitable for use with electric and water floor heating systems.
Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty for residential and commercial use.


- The surface layer is classified as Free class according to EN 13489 standards and Standard class according to Barlinek. Various natural characteristics, such as knots, bark pockets, and colour schemes, add to the uniqueness of each plank.


- Our recommended care products, including PROTEKTOR CONCENTRATE for everyday cleaning, PROTEKTOR COMPLETE for periodic cleaning, and PROTEKTOR SHINE for protecting and regenerating the floor's lacquer layer, ensure long-lasting beauty and protection for your flooring.

**ATTENTION:** Natural variations in wood make each product unique. Use care agents specifically designed for lacquered floors to maintain their appearance and durability. Avoid using products from other manufacturers, as they may cause damage or discolouration.

*Please note: The above information is provided as of 7.07.2021 and may be subject to change. For specific care instructions and warranty details, refer to the product documentation.*
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